Craig Venter and the unknown 50 genes of life

Last Friday, I attended an event in Berkeley which was part of the Bay Area Science Festival, Craig Venter spoke as part of a promotional tour for his new book “Life at the Speed of Light” and it was a fascinating talk, another blog post will follow with a write up to ...Read More

Open Culture, Maker Innovation from the SF bay to Africa

I was invited to speak at an Open Culture Panel discussion yesterday and I loved the scrappy nature of San Leandro’s Collaborative economy community. One of my fellow panel speakers was the creator of Om Nom Project a 3D Printer and Recycler and I was amazed by Mike’s project, he’s been working with ...Read More

Do Burners Dream of Electric Sheep?

This post was inspired by a few stale posts by journalists who seemed to have missed the purpose of Burning Man, I recently read two TechCrunch articles, yeah who would have thought that TC was now moving into field reporting of this type of cultural phenomenon but I guess where Silicon Valley ...Read More

Nature Article – Biotechnology: Independent streak

Great new article on Biotech and scientists striking out on their own in Nature, many of my friends/colleagues were interviewed as was I for a few quotes on the work that I’m doing with the team at Counter Culture Labs and Berkeley BioLabs. We’re still very much in the beginning of what ...Read More

Hacking Martian DNA

Curiosity, humanity’s 2nd robotic Mars explorer has drilled its second hole on mars looking for signs of life (based on chemical analysis of the martian rock samples). Even though Curiosity isn’t able to clearly detect true “life”, this peaked my curiosity (pun intended), what if we found traces of life, not just chemical traces but ...Read More

The Renaissance of Crowdfunded Citizen Science

Over the last year there has been an exciting new trend emerging in crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Microryza, there’s been an new entrant to the crowdfunding field, DIY Bio (Do It Yourself Biology), welcome to the era of crowd funded citizen scientists! There have been several notable success in the ...Read More

Oh the places we’ll go… setting up a Biohacking space!

So, after lots of delays, work, life and plenty of randomness, we’re finally starting to build critical mass for our Biohacker space in the East Bay (Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley). Each Hacker/Biohacker/Citizen science space seems to evolve and grow in its own unique way and as a community formed and driven space there’s plenty of ...Read More

The Rise of a New Type of Melded Urban Hacker space – in Oakland!

Yesterday was the first meeting of the Sudo room hacker group in our new space in downtown Oakland, about a block away from the 19th street BART. Sudo room is a new type of hacker space with a focus of revolutionizing and melding multiple industries, which many of us hope will lead ...Read More

Are we seeing the rise of Urban Biotech in San Francisco?

Over the last two years I’ve been increasingly noticing a pattern of migration of early stage and established biotech companies into San Francisco (the city, not the suburbs) and also into urban biotech incubators like QB3 in Mission Bay and it got me thinking… is there a larger trend happening? I was ...Read More

Developing effective Therapies for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

As part of my ongoing research into areas of unmet need, I’ve decided to dig further into an area which I personally feel is both a challenging area of medicine (ALS) but also one in which the right time may have come in our biotechnology cycle to dramatically improve therapeutic options…   ...Read More